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that’s so filipino

laurabfernandez, a fellow photo blogger, messaged me about this project she thought of a few days ago. the project was entitled ‘a trip through my eyes’, asking a photo which speaks mostly about one’s own country/hometown. i thought i should give it a try, since i’m all in when it comes to showing pride when it comes to photographs.

admit it or not, we are all a sucker for food. one of the things my country should be proud of is its richness in the variety of delicious and scrumptious food! not to mention, exotic! street food is very well known here in the philippines and one cannot be considered as a true blue pinoy if you haven’t tried the ultimate street food. the photo above considers a few examples of the food that screams filipino. isaw and street bbq for you all! isaw is known as chicken intestine while you all know what barbecues are. there are still the rest of the chicken’s organs for you try; it’s part of my bucket list to try ‘em all!

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    The more you know! Here in Spain we (well not me) fry pig´s intestine and they sell it as a very popular delicacy here...
  2. laurabfernandez said: YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sucker for food here,and loving these beauties!!!!! Thank you very much dear I´ll reblog it tomorrow =)
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